The Ultimate Kitchen Buying Guide

For most families in Ireland the kitchen is the most used and important room in the house. Its is a room that has many functions and is a good social space to get conversation flowing. Not taking time to plan the layout and how you want the room to function could be a costly mistake.

We will try to guide you through some of the most important steps to planning your kitchen layout.

Set up social media accounts like Instagram, Houzz and Pintrest to help you save the style of the kitchens that you really like. This will give your kitchen designer a good place to start designing your dream kitchen into reality.

Next step would be to work out what you want in your kitchen. Will you be cooking only in there or will you use it to socialise in as well? Will you need to keep space for a kitchen table or do you want to put a breakfast bar or island in?

Do you want to put integrated appliances like fridges, dishwasher, washing machine, inset extractor or do you want to go for freestanding appliances. Going for freestanding appliances will save you some money on most of the appliances and also in labour for your kitchen fitter which should bring the cost of your quote down as there will be less labour required to fit them. Do you want to add some pizzazz with a warming drawer or wine cooler?

Do you want to go for more drawers in your kitchen or will units with shelves work better for you? I would suggest getting more soft closing drawers in as you will be able to access everything inside them more readily. Drawers will cost more than if you went for standard hinged doors but i think the trade off works better for modern living needs.

Will open shelves work better for you? Do you want to get a walk in larder unit or will a pull out larder work better in your layout? What colour will the units be? White and ivory are the standard colours but you can go for a oak finish or even a birch plywood which looks nice and adds character.

Is your current layout of the kitchen working for you and if it is not what are the things you would like to change? Make a list for your kitchen designer as this will make sure that they are incorporated into your design. What is working in your old kitchen and want to keep in the new kitchen?

What type of sink do you want to go for? Belfast sink, ceramic, granite, stainless steel? This will affect the layout so figuring out which style will suit should be high on your list to decide. Cost is a factor as the Belfast, ceramic and granite sinks will cost more than your standard stainless steel sink. Taps can be chosen once you know the style of sink.

Do you have a laundry / utility room? If you do this is great for getting a noisy washing machine and dryer out of you kitchen. Can you get more than just the above in there?

Learning anything from our Kitchen buying guide yet? If you have got this far you have obviously thought about this enough and your old kitchen isn’t doing what you would like it or it is looking a bit tired. The big question is budget. How much have you to spend on the kitchen? The kitchen is probably the most used room in the house so it deserves to be the standout room in the house in my opinion.

Choosing doors and worktops will depend on you budget. In frame kitchens with solid doors would be the most expensive style of kitchen because of the work needed to go into make the units and doors but they will last a lifetime so it is a good investment if you are planning on staying that house or want to add value to the house. Next would be solid wood painted finish, with this style you can create a more bespoke kitchen as with the painted finish it allows your to create bespoke units. Acrylic and gloss doors would be the next on the price range on a descending scale with 5 panel vinyl and vinyl finish doors being the lower end of the price range. This does not mean they are any less stylish as there is a wide variety of doors available to meet everyone’s needs.

Will you go for laminate worktops? They are the most affordable and will last once they are given some care. There are 12mm solid laminate worktops available and do look modern and stylish and are more durable than the aforementioned. Next in the price range would be your solid wood worktops like, ash, oak, beech, walnut and Iroko. These start off about 320euro to about 800euro depending on size and wood. Next would be your composite worktops like Minerva which start off at about 500euros to over 1100euros for your sink modules for certain colours. Granite, marble, silstone would be the top of the range with prices more expensive than the composite worktops.

Next would be to get prices from the plumbing, electrical and tiling or wooden flooring to be done once the layout is decided so they can give an accurate price. When the old kitchen is getting ripped out the plumber and electrician will need to be there to disconnect and first fix to where the new appliances are going.

This all seems like a massive task to undertake but if you go with the right kitchen designer and related tradesmen and get everything in order this will be a seamless job. This in not a definitive guide but it will put you on the right track to getting to getting that dream kitchen you have been thinking about.

Thanks for reading our ultimate kitchen buying guide and please do get in touch with the Dublin based MFK and R team for a free quote.