This Guide will help you choose the correct Worktop for your Kitchen

Choosing the correct worktop for your kitchen is a big part of getting the right look you desire.

We will start with the most popular and cheapest option available. Laminate worktops have a huge range of colours and styles to choose from. They have came a long way from the laminate worktops of yesteryear.

Some of the features include

  • Durable
  • Non-porous
  • Hygienic
  • Simple and low cost installation
  • Matching splashbacks and upstands are available

Solid Wood Worktops

Solid wood worktops add something special to finish off your kitchen. Oak would be the most popular and compliments most kitchens. Ash, Iroko, Walnut and Beech solid wood worktops would be the next most popular worktops available.



correct worktop for your kitchen

Solid Surfacing

Next in the price range would be solid surfaces like Minerva which is a composite material that is very durable and will outlast your kitchen units once maintained. A big advantage to this surface is that any scratch marks and surface damage can be buffed out. Another unique quality of solid surfacing is that it has the ability to be made seamless so sinks and splash backs can be integrated into a single surface without any joints visible.

Quartz Worktop

Quartz are man made and are non porous, scratch resistant and practically maintenance free. They are not heat resistant at very high temperatures so caution should be taken with hot cook ware

Modern Kitchen Design

Granite Worktop

Granite worktops are suitable for many styles of kitchens with a wide variety of colours and finishes available. They are on the more expensive range of surfaces available but will last longer than your units usually so you would need to get a quality kitchen to match the granite. They are non porous and can be polished to a gloss finish or you can get them in a more matt tone.

correct worktop for your kitchen